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  • musical tale
  • Main stage
  • 1 h.
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The premiere date is 2015.

It is only at first glance that white and gray mice are the same. And in fact, they have very big differences, and the main thing is that they do not like each other. But their children are in love – like Romeo and Juliet. But will they be able to reconcile their parents and save their love? And what role does the cat play in this whole story?!

This fairy tale teaches us to coexist with “others”, not like us, and to find ways to understand each other, no matter how different we are. This fairy tale is about how not to quarrel, but to live in peace and harmony.

In a word, the advice that the heroes of the play will receive will be needed not only by children, but also by us adults. So come, watch, listen and twirl.

Artistic management

  • Directing, scenic and musical decision - Honored Artist of Ukraine Rostyslav Derzhypilskyi

Actors and performers

Фото з виступу


Drama actress

Ivanna Sirko
Фото з виступу


Drama actress

Tetiana Shavkova
Фото з виступу


Drama artist

Andrii Melnyk
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Drama artist

Viktor Abramiuk
Фото з виступу

Mouse Pascal

Drama artist

Mykola Slyvchuk

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