New's thumbnail The 83rd theater season (2021-2022) was rich and full of challenges that we fought and overcame. It lasted the longest in the history of our theater — from August 14 to July 10 (47 weeks). We had a record of 278 performances with over 62,000 spectators, as well as 21 tour performances, which were seen by 9,457 fans of our theater from all over Ukraine. We adapted new locations, worked under different conditions, and most importantly, together with you, we defended the cultural front of our country. This year, we opened a public organization and with it a new direction of work - the coordination center "Movement of Resistance - Movement of Help" in which we continue to work for a common victory. Great gratitude to colleagues, team, actors and friends of the theater with whom we met and move together. Thank you very much for your trust, thank you for being with us! The report can be viewed at the link - Season 2021l2022

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