Tuesday, 28 March 2023 18:00


tragic comedy based on the play by N. Richard Nash

  • tragic comedy
  • Stage on stage
  • 1 h. 40m.
Tickets Cashier

The premiere date is June 28, 2019.

The Curry family’s ranch has been in a drought for several months. 40-degree heat is not only outside the window, but also in the family. The younger son is eager to taste adult life, the older one prefers to get rid of the burden of responsibility, and the father is impatient to marry off his daughter, who is “stuck in virgins.” Lisa, a grown-up girl, still believes that happiness will come to her, despite the fact that she is not like everyone else…

But on one of the hottest evenings, the Rainmaker comes to their door…


Artistic management

  • Directing, music design - Andrii Kyrylchuk
  • The artist-director - Karina Chepyrna
  • Assistant to director - Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Sofiia Pavliska

Actors and performers

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Honored Artist of Ukraine

Viktor Vitushynskyi
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Honored Artist of Ukraine

Olha Komanovska
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Drama artist

Oleh Derkach
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Drama artist

Mykola Slyvchuk
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Drama artist

Stanislav Bilyi
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Drama artist

Andrii Melnyk
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Bill Starbuck

Drama artist

Pavlo Kilnytskyi

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