Sunday, 15 May 2022 17:00


tragicomedy based on P. Hladylin's play "An Angel came out of the fog"

  • tragic comedy
  • Main stage
  • 1 h. 40m.
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This is a funny and kind story about family values, the meaning of life, the addiction to pride and the idea of success and happiness.

This is a dynamic and unpredictable action, imbued with the mystique of a miracle!

The funny and the tragic, the eternal and the short-lived are mixed here. But in general, this story is about the need for love here and now!

She reminds us that love and hate often exist side by side in our hearts, but a choice must be made, because only one of the two should remain in the heart.

The play is about the fact that the heart sees further than the eyes. And this is no accident!

This story will be interesting to everyone who loves and appreciates their family. It (the play) is such that you want to take a blanket, coffee, sit down and watch it like a nice, warm family movie. After it, you want to call your loved ones and tell your mother “I love you”.

Artistic management

  • Director-producer - Andrii Kyrylchuk
  • The artist-director - Olesia Holovach
  • Costume artist - Olena Andriichuk

Actors and performers

Фото з виступу

Kateryna Andriivna

Honored Artist of Ukraine

Hanna Babynska
Фото з виступу


Honored Artist of Ukraine

Viktor Vitushynskyi
Фото з виступу


Honored Artist of Ukraine

Yurii Lytvynov
Фото з виступу


Drama actress

Viktoriia Yurtsiv
Фото з виступу


Honored Artist of Ukraine

Andrii Kyrylchuk
Фото з виступу


Drama actress

Tetiana Shavkova
Фото з виступу


Drama actress

Ivanna Sirko
Фото з виступу


Drama actress

Yuliia Konyk
Фото з виступу


Drama artist

Mykola Slyvchuk

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