We announce the contest!

New's thumbnail Ivano-Frankivsk National Academic Drama Theater named after Ivan Franko announces competitive selection to fill vacant positions: 1. Sound director of the 1st category Qualification requirements: 
  • completed higher education in the relevant field of study (master's degree, specialist);
  • for a master's degree — without requirements for work experience, a specialist;
  • work experience as a sound engineer of a theater and entertainment enterprise of category II — at least 2 years.
2. The main artist Qualification requirements: 
  • Completed higher education in the relevant field of training (master's degree, specialist).
  • Work experience as an artist — at least 3 years.
The form of employment - contract.
Applicants submit the following documents to the tender commission:
  • application for participation in the competition in an arbitrary form;
  • personnel record sheet, filled in according to the established procedure, with a pasted photo card;
  • a copy of an identity document;
  • a copy of the employment book (if available) or information on employment from the register of insured persons of the State Register of mandatory state social insurance, or other documents confirming work experience;
  • a copy of the document on education in the relevant specialty;
Employees who are in labor relations with the Ivano-Frankivsk National Academic Drama Theater and participate in the competition, submit only an application for participation in the competition to the Competition Commission.  Documents for the competition are accepted at the address: Ivano-Frankivsk, str. Nezalezhnosti, 42, personnel department, or to the e-mail address -kadry.dramteatr.if@gmail.com Telephone for inquiries: 0985495040    The deadline for accepting documents is September 26, 2022.    Date and place of the competition : September 29, 2022 at 10 a.m., Ivano-Frankivsk National Academic Drama Theater named after Ivan Franko, str. Nezalezhnosti, 42.
The applicant is responsible for the inauthenticity of the documents. Improperly completed documents will not be accepted for consideration. Travel and accommodation expenses - at the expense of applicants. The theater does not provide housing for the winners of the competition.

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