Dmytro Leka

Chief choreographer


Dmytro Leka – Founder, head and teacher of the Maasai dance school,

Chief choreographer of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Academic Drama Theater named after I.Franko, choreographer of such performances as: Hutsulka Ksenia, Theater of the Epoch, Aladdin, Cinderella, Wolf, Golden Chick, Only girls in jazz, Sharika or the love of a sich marksman, Courtship on Honcharivka…

Teacher of the Prearpathian National University, choreography section.

Co-founder of projects: Showtime dance championship, Maasai dance summer camp, Maasai dance Winter WEEKEND,
Educational courses for teachers from all over Ukraine, and organizer of many master classes for dancers.

In 2016, he obtained a higher education at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts!

Took part in M1 Music Awards (as a dancer), Song of the Year (as a dancer), Porto Franko (as a choreographer), Via Karpatia (as a choreographer)

Certified judge of Hip Hop International USA

Choreographer and director of the artist Fiinka at the national selection of Eurovision 2023, Evening Quarter 2023, and solo tour.

Champion of Ukraine 2022 / 2023. Master of sports!

Judge of many festivals.

Attended master classes of world choreographers such as: Tony Tzar, Dylan Mayoral, Shay Latukolan, Tamara Arruti, Kenzo Alvares, Kerri Milne, Philip Chbeeb, Lyudmila Mova, Marcin Rebilas, Shaun Evaristo.



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