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A parable based on the play by E.-E. Schmidt

  • parable
  • Main stage
  • 1 h. 20m.
Tickets Cashier

The premiere date is February 10, 2013.

This mystical hotel will close the door tightly behind them, and from that moment they will wait for only one thing – the exit! They would never have met in ordinary life: the editor-in-chief of a prestigious magazine, the president of a successful company, a cleaner, a magician, Rajapur, and an ordinary girl, Laura. So will they be able to figure out what is really going on in the “hotel”? How long will it be before they can leave it? And what will happen after the doors open?

Artistic management

  • Directing, stage design, music design - Orest Pastukh
  • Costume artist - Olena Andriichuk
  • Assistant to director - Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Sofiia Pavliska

Actors and performers

Фото з виступу

Julien Portal

Drama artist

Oleksii Leibiuk
Фото з виступу


Honored Artist of Ukraine

Olha Komanovska
Фото з виступу

President Delbecq

People's Artist of Ukraine

Oleksandr Shymanskyi
Фото з виступу


Honored Artist of Ukraine

Hanna Babynska
Фото з виступу

Doctor S.

Drama actress

Viktoriia Yurtsiv
Фото з виступу

Magical Rajapur

Drama artist

Pavlo Kilnytskyi

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