Friday, 19 November 2021 18:00


A specific comedy based on the play by Pavlo Arie

  • tragic comedy
  • Stage on stage
  • 2 h. 10m.
Tickets Cashier

The premiere date is January 22, 2016.

The specific comedy “Glory to the Heroes” is a performance-diagnosis. Diagnosis of today’s society, history and our future. This is an attack of painful laughter, which is replaced by crying. The plot is based on the modern story of two veterans – a former soldier of the UPA and a former officer of the Soviet army, who are brought together by fate in the same hospital ward…

Artistic management

  • Director-producer - Honored Artist of Ukraine Stas Zhyrkov
  • Production designer - Volodymyr Stetskovych
  • Costume artist - Olena Andriichuk
  • Musical design - Dmytro Solodkyi
  • Assistant to director - Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Andrii Felyk
  • Director - Honored Artist of Ukraine Irma Vitovska

Actors and performers

Фото з виступу

Ostap Ilkovych

Honored Artist of Ukraine

Oleksii Hnatkovskyi
Фото з виступу

Andrii Vasyliovych

Honored Artist of Ukraine

Dmytro Rybalevskyi
Фото з виступу


Honored Artist of Ukraine

Halyna Barankevych
Фото з виступу

Iryna Bohdanivna

Honored Artist of Ukraine

Nadiia Levchenko
Фото з виступу


Honored Artist of Ukraine

Olesia Pasichniak
Фото з виступу


Drama artist

Ihor Zakharchuk

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