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Comedy based on the play by V. Shakespeare in English with Ukrainian subtitles (part of "Project W")

  • Comedy
  • Chamber stage
  • 1 h. 20m.
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The premiere date is May 30, 2019.

Theater of veterans and volunteers of the modern war “Project W (Veterans, Volunteers and William)”, which has no analogues in Ukraine and the world, expanded the limits of what is possible. In a year, like-minded people staged “Twelfth Night, or Whatever You Want!!!” in the original language – Old English. The project brought together soldiers and volunteers, as well as the public organization Eleos-Ukraine, the Modern English School and the Ivano-Frankivsk National Drama Theater.

The plot in this production is not of exceptional importance, because it is rather an adaptation of Shakespeare – eternal and always relevant – to our days, to our time, in which the war continues. Therefore, Shakespeare himself is also among the classic heroes of comedy. And he even symbolically turns over in the coffin.

The appearance of such a performance marks important social processes, at the center of which is the concept of humanity. The theater of veterans and volunteers of the ATO and OOS is not only a means of psychological rehabilitation, a tool of foreign cultural diplomacy, but also a way of establishing mental and emotional ties within Ukrainian society. This is the kind of diplomacy inside the country that our state needs, which learns to accept, empathize and, in the end, demonstrates the victory of life over death.

Artistic management

  • Artistic director of the production - People's Artist of Ukraine Rostyslav Dershypilskyi
  • Directing, music design, stage design - Honored Artist of Ukraine Oleksii Hnatkovskyi
  • Costume artist - Mariia Krutoholova
  • Shakespeare language consultant - Svitlana Yavorska

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