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By the play of Jiri Gubach

  • Comedy
  • 2 h.

Director Serhiy Pavlyuk, along with a star-studded team from the Ivano-Frankivsk Drama Theatre, presents the classic “Napoleon and the Corsican Woman” based on the play by Jiri Gubach.

The events of the play unfold in 1819 on the island of Saint Helena, which became a prison for Napoleon. It’s a tragicomic tale about the final days of Emperor Napoleon, who conquered half the world and was feared by all, including the Muscovites. To the legendary French Emperor and exceptional military leader Napoleon Bonaparte, a Corsican woman ventures onto the island of Saint Helena – a widow of a soldier who died in the Battle of Waterloo. The woman, bearing the royal name Josephine, seeks to obtain from Napoleon a sum for her fallen husband. But this isn’t the end of it all…

According to the director, this production is about love and the most important aspect of life—no matter how great or small you might be—appreciating every moment of your life. It’s about cherishing every minute, not falling into despair, and not dwelling on a past that cannot be retrieved.

Artistic management

  • Director - Serhii Pavliuk

Actors and performers

Фото з виступу


Drama artist

Pavlo Kilnytskyi

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